April 30, 2018

Anodization, the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. It's a process, in which aluminum and its alloys form an oxide film on an aluminum product (anode) under a corresponding electrolyte, and a specific process condition due to an applied current. In order to...

March 16, 2018

Aluminum Alloy Materials are widely used in Rapid Prototype.The most commonly used aluminum alloy is the 5/ 6/ 7 series.It could resistant to high temperature & easy to process.After anodizing finished treatment products are more luxury.

In common aluminium alloy materi...

February 2, 2016

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Whether you're looking to protect a metal roof, storefront sign, or a component's enclosure, adding an extra layer of protection in the form of anodizing or paint can go a long way to ensuring your prototype surface's lifespan for years to come. There are some key diff...

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September 26, 2018

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