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Life Size Version of GT Wonder Boy at a Corporate event

Nowadays, human beings many works were replaced by robots,even what they can't handle things. The robot is a marvel of modern engineering.Robots can relieve people of dull and repetitive work, and serve in highly specialized environments, such as hospitals or factories. Robot R & D manufacture arises along with the rapid development of industry.

The great dimension and complex structure of Robot which need we us make it to get a rapid prototyping.It’s not only for appearance and structure testing today.They transmuted the models into finished products.Last weekend, the Life size version of GT Wonder Boy we made for GT Robot Technology Pte Ltd appear in Insurance Company Prudential Singapore’s annual corporation meeting.



We thought GT Robot Technology Pte Ltd is cooperating with Insurance Company Prudential Singapore international well - known enterprises achieve win - win situation. At the meeting,The CTO has introduced the Life size version of GT Wonder Boy functional and technical design parameters,and field demonstration function.The place erupted when the Robot on the field.



We are honoured by GT Robot Technology Pte Ltd cooperation and confidence in our company. We are doing all the things to offer even better services to our customers, and we're getting better and better at it.

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