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About SG Prototype

SG Prototype Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a professional rapid prototype maker, which was founded by Jack. Jack is an expert in rapid prototyping and CNC machining. He was an engineer that specialized in prototype making more than 12 years in his background. 

Since the establishment of our factory focused on professional production of technical. We mainly engaged in a variety of household appliances appearance and internal structure Model maker/Rapid prototyping/Aluminum alloy Parts /Small batch production/electrical and electronic plastic shell production. The main production equipment has CNC machining center, the appendix equipment has lathe machine, milling machine, sand blasting machine, silk screen, pad printer, automatic spraying producing line. For the surface finishing, we have professional and experienced design&producing engineers. 

SG prototype is experts in achieving the perfect finish for your products. With smooth, polishing, painting, sand blasting, anodizing, electroplating, silk-screen, laser etching, the plating of product can be zinc, chromium, nickel, alloy metal. And many other services to choose from, you can create the exact look you want. 

Only for less than two years,we have served customers from US,CA,UK,Fr,AU,MY,etc. And 90% customers are satisfied not only with product quality, but also our good services.


Aluminum alloy,Brass,Stainless steel,Titanium alloy,Maraging steel,Silver.etc.

Silicone Mold

ABS,PC,POM,Rubber,PMMA,PP,PVC, Nylon, PA+GF, Resin,PPS,PE,etc.



Laser Cutting

Aluminum alloy,Carbon steel,,Stainless steel,Alloy steel,PMMA,Wood,etc.



Rubber,Ceramics,DLP,Wood, Transparent resin,etc.

Mass Production

We help clients to sourcing injection molding & die casting after prototyping.

Easy and  Fast prototyping

SG Prototype Manufacturer Co.,Ltd, is a processional prototype making company to help our clients to get prototypes from their CAD design. CNC plastic/metal machining, 3D printing(SLA/SLS/FDM), RTV/Silicone mold, Sheet metal stamping and Low volume are workable for us.Any projects, please send 3d data to us. Let's quote details.

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