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Complex CNC Machining Aluminum

This is a worm wheel done for an old client from Canada.Aluminum material by cnc machinary with high presicion.


SG Prototype has exceptional skill and experience in producing prototypes, fixtures, tooling, and specialized machinery to fit specific manufacturing needs.

Translucent Spray Paint Prototype

This is a PC part prototype. 3D Print the master,mold by vacuum casting,then smooth treatment. Panton 1585C was used as clients request.It's translucent after spray paint,and light can be through products.

3D Printing Fan

This is a great example of 3d printing service our clients have come to expect from SG Prototype. Nothing matters more than our clients, and when they hire us for the second, or third (or tenth) time, we know we’re doing something right. When people know they can rely on our professional service, that’s when great business relationships are formed.

CNC Aluminum Rapid Prototype Anodizing

In SG Prototype,cnc machine is automatic tool change.reducing the non-productive time, improve the capacity of the machine to work with a number of tools.Also used to change worn out or broken tools.This is an aluminum product.After polished,sand blasting and anodizing for the treatment.

CNC Rapid Prototype Plastic Tortoise

Tortoises can vary in size from a few centimeters to two meters.This is a tortoise rapid prototype machined by customized 3d drawing. CNC processing,ABS painted,PC material with transparent treatment.Then our experienced hand workers fits all items well.

High Precision CNC Auto Parts

This is an auto part prototype.A little complex structure,needs more time to cnc machining.And hard to control the tolerance.But in SG prototype,our machine is auto tool change,it reduces the non-productive time, improve the capacity of the machine to work with a number of tools.Also used to change worn out or broken tools.

CNC Automobile Humidifier Prototype

This is some of the best cnc work we’ve done so far, and we’re happy to do the same for you. We’re committed to fostering beneficial and long lasting relationships with our clients by always striving to be the best cnc machining service we can. While the particular needs of our clients may vary, our experienced team never fails to get the job done right.

Vacuum Casting Calculator Prototypes

This is a calculator sample for silicone mold.ABS is used and vacuum casting for several prototypes.It's a good way for small batch to save cost and time.After smooth well,painting and silk-screen surface treatments to make products more reality.And clients can reduce risks before molding.

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