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Always thought the Rolls-Royce's logo was sinking to prevent thieves,but it's not

Rolls-Royce logo with two "R" overlap, symbolizing that you have me, I have you, embodies the two people harmony and harmonious relationship. The famous symbol of flying Goddess is originated from a romantic love story.

Today we will not tell the love story,but discuss the nickel plating logo.

Rolls-Royce's Flying goddess, sprit of Ecstasy, was designed by art sculptor Charles ROBINSON Sykes in 1911 for Rolls-Royce's Silver Ghost model, and then the fluttering goddess became the standard for every RR, In spite of years the Goddess has made many details of the changes. The earliest goddesses were silver-plated, and now they have all been switched to nickel.

Rolls Royce car before 1999 are not scalable, so the car stolen incidents have occurred.

Refer to Rolls-Royce stand-off sink this feature, a lot of friends think designers are designed for anti-theft, but, in fact, the real reason is not only for it.

Because use beacon car hit a pedestrian, very easy to give pedestrians secondary damage. And in order to avoid the happening of this kind of thing, in 1966, the British first began to outlaw install front beacon, later, countries have outlawed beacon is used in car. Now, many countries in the world is prohibited front beacon of new car sales.

To avoid this problem, Rolls-Royce automatically sinks when his car's logo is set to more than 60KM / H.It can also be manually operated sinking.

Many cars are using nickle-plated to treat the logo surface.But there are two series,please see following:

(A) Characteristics of nickel plating

1, nickel plating in the air is very high stability, due to the nickel metal has a strong passivation ability, the surface can quickly generate a thin layer of passive film, can resist the atmosphere, alkali and some acid corrosion .

2, nickel plating is extremely small and has excellent polishing performance. The polished nickel coating provides a mirror-like glossy appearance while maintaining long-term gloss in the atmosphere. Therefore, the plating is often used for decoration.

3, nickel coating hardness is relatively high, can improve the wear resistance of the product surface, nickel plating in the printing industry to increase the hardness of the lead surface.

4, Nickel application is very wide, can be used as protective decorative coating, in the steel, zinc die-casting, aluminum and copper alloy surface, the protection of the substrate material from corrosion or shiny decoration; often as other coating The middle of the coating, then coated with a thin layer of chrome, or plating a layer of imitation gold, the corrosion resistance is better, the appearance of more beautiful. In functional applications, parts of the special industry nickel-plated nickel about 1~3 mm thick, can achieve the purpose of repair. Especially in the continuous casting mold, the surface of the electronic components of the mold, alloy die-casting mold, the shape of the complex aerospace engine components and manufacturing of micro-electronic components such as more and more applications.

5, in the electroplating, due to the nickel plating has many excellent properties, its processing capacity is second only to electroplating zinc, its consumption accounts for about 10% of total nickel production.

(B) Characteristics of electroless nickel plating

1, the thickness uniformity of uniform thickness and good plating ability is a major feature of electroless nickel, but also one of the reasons for a wide range of applications, electroless nickel plating to avoid uneven current distribution due to uneven thickness. Electroless plating, as long as the surface contact with the bath, the consumption of the bath components can be promptly replenished, coating parts of the coating thickness are basically the same, even if the grooves, cracks, blind holes as well.

2, plating will not penetrate hydrogen, there is no hydrogen embrittlement, electroless nickel does not need to remove hydrogen.

3, a lot of materials and components, such as corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation than good nickel plating.

4, can be deposited on the surface of various materials, such as steel, nickel-based alloys, zinc-based alloys, aluminum, glass, ceramics, plastics, semiconductors and other materials on the surface, which in order to improve the performance of these materials to create the conditions.

5, do not need the usual DC motor or control equipment plating.

6, the heat treatment temperature is low, as long as the different holding time below 400 ℃ after different corrosion resistance and wear resistance can be obtained, therefore, particularly suitable for complex shapes, surface requirements of wear and corrosion resistance of the parts Plating and so on.

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