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Prototype Surface Finishing of Laser Etching


Laser etching is precision imaging processes used in a vast array of industrial and creative applications. SG Prototype Manufacturer Co.,Ltd has worked with such industries of materials like Painting Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Wood, Acrylic, ABS, Pom, Fabric; we can laser etch onto all these materials and so much more.


Processing principle is treating the surface of Venus. The laser beam emits a laser beam of high energy, which results in chemical and physical changes in the surface material by light energy or burns some of the material by light energy. To display the desired graphics or text.



What should prepare before laser etching? Just need CAD,PDF,or Crow Draw files which marked accuracy size.

Here are some laser etching products for your reference.



Any questions or projects are welcome! SG PROTOTYPE will show you more professional advice.

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