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Prototype Surface Finishing of Brush

Metal Brush is a kind of surface treatment method which forms lines on the surface of prototype by grinding products and plays a decorative role. Because the surface brush treatment can reflect the texture of metal material, So it has been more and more popular and widely used in rapid prototype making.


For metal surface finishing,let’s us contrast Polishing and Brush treatment.Both of them are surface treatment process for metals or nonmetal. Generally, Brush is more common use in metal prototype, one of the most familiar things in daily life that are supposed to be stainless steel . Doorman bathroom hardware can be found everywhere. Polishing is common in both metal gold and nonmetal, and has a wider range than brush.

What’s the difference between Polishing and Brush?

In technology, Brush is to make regular uniform surface lines on the surface of the prototype. The general texture has pinstripe and circular.As for polishing, it’s need to make the prototype surface smooth without any defects. It’s a mirror with smooth surface,

In motion, Brush moves repeatedly on the equipment, while polishing on the plane polishing machine does the track of rotation.The two are different in principle and the way of realization.


Should we do Polishing or Brush first?

From the effect and the principle of process of brush and polishing on the surface treatment, it is not difficult to conclude that the polishing first then brush .Polishing is the foundation for brush,only when the prototype has smooth surface, the brush effect will be good, and the texture will be uniform.


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