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Truly Professional Underwater Robot

Nowadays,for Rapid Prototype Making it’s not only for appearance and structure testing. They transmuted the models into finished products. All of enterprises attaches great importance on technical reform and product R & D. These all rapid prototype technologies are opposite main effect arrives since industrial development.

This article will show you a FIFISH underwater robot won CES2017 Innovation Award which only received by FIFISH in the underwater robot industry.

The Fifish is an UVA used in ocean. There is not only a rapid prototype, also have practical functions respectively. Due to the special performance, it's need to control on a light weight to work well under the sea. The whole product thickness was thin, so it was a challenge on process. We made it by CNC machining and achieves functions as well.

Manufacturing processes of Underwater robot to a product requires numerous steps and processes. Including Programming, Polishing, Surface finishing, Assemble and QC. Then organizing production inspection and outgoing inspection, provide quality assurance report according quality Dept. demands.

There are many components included ABS,PC, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Foam materials. It’s very strict with structure and assembly, but also the surface requirements. Our technical staff made a good - looking appearance!

SG Prototype has more than 10 years' experiences in Rapid Prototype Making field and extreme standard let us keep very competitive in the current market. Keep us informed about your thoughts. Any inquiry or requirements will get our prompt attention.

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