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High Precision Aluminum Parts Manufacturing

Whether in the automotive, construction, machinery, aviation, transportation and other industries.The application of aluminum parts industry more than ever before. Many complex structural metal parts need precision CNC machine tools and close teamwork between the engineer and the technicians.

With the fierce market competition of CNC machined metal parts.Our precision CNC machining capability enables us to d turn every designs into into tangible products with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.There’s a lot of competition in the metal CNC machining market.Our precision CNC machining capabilities enable us to turn nearly any aluminum part designs into tangible products with unrivaled accuracy and repeatability.

We work with all grades and alloys of aluminum to produce components that perfectly match our customers’ specifications and surface treatments. In addition, we can perform a number of secondary operations of surface finishing, including Sandblast,Anodizing, Spray painting, Laser etching,Silk screen etc to save the cost and time in the production process.

Here you a high precise aluminum parts manufacturing processes in SG.It’s have to be made with great precision,the complex structure that they can only be detected by high precision CNC machining.

Here are the manufacturing process details:

  1. Programming: Our programming team according to client’s 3D drawing, written as an instruction CNC Machine’s program.

  2. CNC machining: Input the 3d drawings into Computer Numerical Control center and implement the command, CNC machine will start work and the cutter will move on according to the tooling path.

  3. Polishing: There are some burrs and rough parts on the prototype after CNC machined, it needs to use sand paper de-burring by hand.

  4. Surface finishing:Painting,spraying the prototype with any color which the client required.Or sandblast ,anodized color with it.

Assemble and QC: Our production department is carefully assembled according to the customer's 3D documents.Then organize production inspection and factory inspection, and provide quality assurance report to quality department.

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