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An Conclusion of Rapid Prototype From A Christmas Party

Christmas has passed for three days,today we are talking about the Christmas Party which was held in Shenzhen on 25th,Dec.It is an honor that our Company have been invited to attend the party.Gather all kinds of elites in business and industrial design industry that day.Members and distinguished guests together performed a collection of Trade, Show, Talent, QA session as the theme of the annual party.

Part1: Admission

Part2: Red carpet

Part3 : Talent Show & Discussion

Part 4:Happy Ending

On weekdays, we need to be meticulous about our work. On holidays, we should relax ourselves. Through the exchanges, we enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas and learn more about Industrial design industry and Rapid Prototype foreground. In Discussion part, panel presentations has caused a great deal of resonance.Rapid prototyping services over the years has proven itself in the product development environment as well as many other.There are so many benefits to using rapid prototyping.

But our industry is developing by leaps and bounds,some parts may also use manufacturing method of additive fabrication.We even came to the conclusion --“Future is Rapid Manufacturing, Not Rapid Prototyping”.Do you agree or do you have any other ideas?

Anyhow, our clients need us for now, that will call for every ounce of energy we have.May your new year be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wishing you all the joys of New years of happiness.SG Prototype thanks for your support.

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