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Prototype Surface Finishing of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.It is known by many names, screen printing, serigraph, silk printing,silk-screen printing, but they all refer to the same thing,this technologies just requires three things:Ink,a screen,a’s easy to learn.Now let SG Prototype induce this technology for you .

In this process, the ink is pushed through a mesh or stencil to print a particular pattern as your design on the desired material,the ink through the cutouts or by an impermeable material liquid to the areas the screen permits .like the logo of product .

Screen printing history

Most sources agree that the earliest form of screen printing can be traced back to China’s Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 AD) and from there, it spread all over Asia where in places like Japan it was further developed. While others state the roots of this method can be found in the 4th century India and some go as far back to ancient Egypt in 3000 A.D.

The process of screen printing

1, According the the PDF file to make a film

2,Transfer the film pattern into the screen


3.1 Manual Screen Printing

This process is done by hand. It can be performed by just one person or two people. Once person will be better results. One hand uses the squeegee, while the other hand holds the screen,Use the squeegee coverage the ink in the screen pattern .

3.2 Automatic Screen Printing:

The automatic process is the same as the manual one with the human factor being the only difference. Which allow more design space and design ideas , fast ,low cost and suitable for mass production.

Applications of screen printing

Screen printing technology can work with difference color on difference , now we can provide this services on plastic ,wood ,metal ,glass ,ceramics and clothes.

Glad show you some screen printing prototype in SG Prototype.

Are you ready for your new project ? Please contact us .

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