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Do you know Wonder Boy Robot?

As a prototype maker, the proudest thing is to transform the designer's ideas into reality. At last, products have mass production. Today, we are share a project which we followed from prototype to injection moulding by SG Prototype. There allowed to publish to our website by GT Company.

He is called Wonder Boy Singapore’s very own SMART robotic companion has multiple abilities of not only being a personal assistant and interactive educator who can hold seamless two-way conversations. It is also a bilingual communicator that can converse in 13 different languages. A hands-free photographer and a sing and dance companion for both the young and old.

We are so happy to cooperate with GT Company who is introduced by the old customer. At first, there are 38 components included ABS,PC, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and copper materials. Also have Painting, Sandblast, Silk-Screen and electronic plating to make it perfect.

Second prototype, designer has change a lot which reduce lots of parts to make it lighter. This time without metal parts instead of plastic.

Third time, modified a little and have a low volume production. They took it to tradeshow and had market research(good reasons for prototype).

Wonder Boy have been mass production and will be sell in Singapore. If you have any ideas are welcome! SG PROTOTYPR will give you the most professional advices to your design. Any ideas/files are welcome! More details please contact us!

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