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CNC Machining Precision Components

We time-tested expertise with value engineering and machining a wide variety of metals and plastics means that they excel at applying the correct, required machine operations with the most effective machining tools to achieve required tolerances at the lowest possible cost to their clients.


We begins with a value engineering review with the client’s engineering team to understand how the component will be used and why each specification was selected. This review determines how the components will work together, if the chosen materials are the best choices, if all specifications are necessary, and whether or not changes can be made to decrease the component cost and increase profitability of the client’s product.


SG Prototype Manufacturer Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing of prototype. We are a professional CNC machining factory in China, with rich experience in Plastic and Metal Rapid prototyping and our services are cover most countries of the world. For Precision parts machined,click here (High Precision Aluminum Parts Manufacturing)to learn more studies.

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