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Vapor Polish of Polycarbonate

Vapor polishing is a method of polishing plastics to reduce the surface roughness or improve clarity. The ideal plastics for this process include polycarbonate,ABS and acrylic.Today we will talking about Vapor Polish of Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is one of the most popular & strong plastic in prototype making.Vapor polishing utilizes a solvent vapor to flow the surface of the acrylic plastic. This method is good for internal features however its effect on Polycarbonate is to produce more of a translucent finish. Typically, the better the machined finish, the better the end result with vapor polishing. Part cleanliness is critical. We are happy to vapor polish your machined Polycarbonate plastic parts.


SG Manufacturer today for assistance with professionally vapor polished parts. Our top-notch vapor polishing technicians guarantee quality parts with fast turnaround. Request Sample Processing for vapor polishing.


Below are some before and after samples of parts that have been processed at SG Manufacturer.



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