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Laser Engraving vs. Laser Marking vs. Laser Etching


The terms “laser engraving,” “laser marking,” and “laser etching” are often used in prototype. However, although the end result of all three is more or less the same, there are different surface treatment with different processing way.


Laser Engraving

In laser engraving, is based on numerical control technology and laser is the processing medium. The process is made by the laser engraving of the laser and the physical transsexual of the vaporizing and vaporizing, that can make the laser carve the purpose of the process. Laser engraving is the use of laser technology to write words on the objects. The inscription has no nicks, the surface is still smooth, and the handwriting is not worn. It often use to wooden, plastic and glass.


Laser Marking

Laser marking technique is one of the most applied fields in laser processing. Laser marking is the use of high energy density of laser local irradiation was carried out on the work piece, the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, so as to leave a permanent mark of a marking method. Laser marking can be used to produce all kinds of text, symbols and patterns, and the character size can range from millimeter to micrometer, which has special significance for anti-counterfeiting of products.


Laser Etching

Laser etching is the basic principle of the high beam quality of low power laser beam (generally for uv laser, laser light) focus into tiny light, high power density at focus, make the material moment evaporation, forming holes, seams and slots. Laser etching creates markings with a shallower depth than laser engraving. Because it changes the surface finish of the material, laser etching also alters its reflectivity and enhances the contrast of the design. Like laser marking and engraving, this process can be used to add a variety of markings, from lettering to serial numbers to bar codes and more.

Why Use Laser Engraving, Marking or Etching?

Easy to make Long Term durability Resistance to high temperature sterilization


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