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How to make an oil pump ?

SG Prototype is an industry leader providing experienced professional rapid prototyping services and CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Small batch Production to product developers worldwide.

Now, let us share you a case of custom oil pump prototype as client’s design.

Step1. CNC Machining the parts according to the client’s design.


Step2. Hand master check out the drawing specifications again after the parts were machined and arrange preliminary assembly it.


Step3. Priming paint on the surface and use the sandpaper to polish.


Step4. QC department check the structure and the surface effect of sandpaper polish.


Step5. Painting on the surface as the client’s requirements.(more surface finishing that we can do, please kindly click here)


Step6. QC will assemble it to check the design and surface effect again.



Step7. Send the pictures to client’s to check, after verification will arrange assemble and shipping out.

Step-by-step checking can effectively ensure prototype quality.As rapid prototyping & custom low volume manufacturing specialists, we care. Our purpose is to assist and support your needs and our mission is to achieve your goals on time, every time.

More plastic prototype, please kindly click here. And learn more about us, thanks in advance.

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