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Turning Parts Services


Turning on the lathe is one of the most common metal cutting processing ways. Lathes are suited to machining long parts, cylindrical workpieces, also can produce a variety of small parts ranging.

CNC turning provides an economical way to make parts that are usually symmetrical about the axis of rotation, make up for the shortage of CNC machining.

Our turning process produces custom rapid prototype and real products as customer requirements.

What are the ways of turning processing?

1, Straight turning

The straight turning is the tool fed parallel to the axis of the work to reduce the part diameter, removing material in on pass to create a smooth surface finished, also called finish turning.


2, Taper turning

Taper turning produces a taper along the axis of the workpiece tapers are produces by offsetting the tailstock from centre line by using a taper attachment.


3, Contour turning

Contour turning is a template that implements a desired contour shape with a single point cutting tool, this has largely been replaced by cnc turning.


4, Forming

Forming is commonly performed on automatic screw machine.


5, Chamfering

Chamfering eliminates sharp corners from a workpiece.


6, Grooving

Grooving created a groove or recess using a tool, the size and shape as customer required.


More processing services of SG prototype, please kindly learn more about us, any projects, welcome to contact us for free quotation, thanks.

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