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China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

The China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition Known as the China (Zhuhai) air show or the Zhuhai Air Show, approved by the central government, is an international professional aviation and Aerospace Exhibition International Professional Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition featuring in-kind display, trade negotiation, academic exchange and flight





The 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held from November 6 to 11 at the Zhuhai International Air Show Centre. More than 770 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions will take part in the air show, with more than 100 aircraft taking part. The exhibits will be the first time to achieve "land, sea, air, sky, electricity" coverage of the entire field, a number of "high, fine, sharp" exhibits will be collectively on stage. The Air Force will fly more than j-20 fighter aircraft with new paint, new formation, new attitude for the flight display. Air Force transport-20 will also fly on display.

With the upgrading of China's aviation infrastructure in recent years, as well as the growth of leisure and business tourism, the aviation industry in China has huge development space and growth potential, and will also have a long-term positive impact on China's economic development.

We will also do our best in the machinery manufacturing industry to provide high-quality processing services to global trade.

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