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SG Prototype Packing

Sometimes buying things is attracted by their packaging. Means first sight is very important. In the course of the product, attracting customer satisfaction, increase visibility and set one product apart from its competition.

In essence, packaging plays a pivotal role in the branding process of the product, attracting customers And providing customers what they're looking for when they take the product home. In marketing, this shows that product packaging is ultra important. SG Prototype specialist in model making which is customized. We also have our own package method like below:

1. Avoid to avoid scratching

For the custom made prototype,there are many different kinds of shape.The package will be selected according to different property and shape. Some dysmorphism and easy to scraped parts will be packed by EVA form.


2. Clean paper to protect the surface.

For the clean paper are especially suitable for protect some after surface finishing. Like plastic and metal prototype with painting,