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Rapid Prototype Services Trends In The Coming Years

The world of prototyping has changed dramatically in the past decade, and you wouldn't be surprised if the world of prototyping continues to change even more dramatically in the next decade.

Trends: According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the global market of CNC milling will highlight the 6.3% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) in the period included between 2016 and 2014, rising from a value of 52.68 billion dollars in 2015 to 93.45 billion dollars within 2024.


With the increasingly fierce social competition and the development and expansion of industrial design, enterprises not only attach importance to industrial design, but also pay attention to the sample making. The product development quality, the actual effect all needs to carry on the verification with the rapid prototype.

The main factor that drives the growing adoption in the entire manufacturing industry of CNC machines is their capability of contributing in reducing human errors and in producing elements efficiently. CNC machining are highly efficient, productive, and enable incorporation of new technologies.

SG Prototype Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a professional rapid prototype maker. We experts in achieving the perfect finish for your products. With smooth, polishing, painting, sand blasting, anodizing, electroplating, silk-screen, laser etching, the plating of product can be zinc, chromium, nickel, alloy metal. And many other services to choose from, you can create the exact look you want. For the prototype processing have CNC Machining/ 3D Printing/ Vacuum Casting for Small batch/ Sheet Metal of bending in SG Prototype.

Various projects which use indaily life directly like Car Bumps/ Medical Devices/Electronic Components/ Home Appliance etc. Here are some projects for your reference which made by us. Reading to learn more about the rapid prototyping process or send your 3D design file to our international team of engineers for a free quote.

Any projects please send email to for more detailed information, SG Prototype Team will provided you professional advice!

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