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Why does the file format of 3d printing model have to be STL and STP?

3D printing requires 3D stereogram. There are many formats of 3D stereogram, and the formats made by different software are different. For example, common 3D printing formats are: STL, STP, IGS, OBJ, BREP, MAX, 3DM, 3DS, X_T, SKP, SLDPRT, PRT, ASM, F3D, FBX, RVT, WIRE and so on. Different formats, other software may not open. In the same way, the 3D printer supports only a limited number of 3D stereogram formats. Nowadays, the most commonly used 3D stereogram formats for 3D printing are STL and STP. To some extent, these two formats are necessary for 3D printing(Different types of 3D Printing technologies and Processes)

The STL file format, invented by 3D Systems, is the standard trig language for 3D printers. All molding machines can receive STL file format for printing. When you move around or save STL files, all the surfaces and curves you design are replaced with mesh. The grid consists of a series of triangles that represent the exact geometry of your prototype.

STL files need