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Why do you always say our prototype price is “expensive” ?

That’s what happens to us all the time in prototyping industry. After the rapid prototype price quoted to the customer, the customer feedback that our price is very high. Sometimes they even give us an offer with very big difference. Some customers want to lower the price and give a very low goal price. Now let’s analyze this situation. Why is our price so “expensive” ?

First, the prototype material cost. Because of this epidemic, many real enterprises have been hit hard, and even closed down. Especially for the development of foreign trade company, also for our rapid prototyping industry. When the epidemic gets better, our suppliers informed us that their cnc materials price is increasing. The most terrible thing is that the supplier has gone up the price three times a day. So we have to set a validity period for our offer. Once the expiration date is exceeded, the subsequent price may change. That’s why we all suggest that customers place orders as soon as possible.

Second, an increase in prototyping labor costs. As you know, the quotation of our rapid prototyping industry is based on time. In China, many people stay at home because of the epidemic. One of the problems brought about by this is that we are hard to hire hand workers. But in order to complete the customer’s design project in time, we have to pay more to hire. Especially for some easy to scrap products, such as PC, PMMA, it is necessary to employ some experienced craftsmen.

Third, international express charges increased. During the epidemic period, a lot of flights were cancelled. Many international express companies have to order in advance, also with it comes an increase in costs. Sometimes even if you’re willing to pay, you may not be able to book a position either. We even have the situation that the express fee is more expensive than the cnc product fee. And for our manufacturing industry, it is impractical to transport goods by sea.

In China, the epidemic has been well controlled, there are more and more prototype orders from customers. Although the development is still very difficult, but SG Prototype will still quote the most reasonable price to complete our customer’s new design project. You can contact us now to get your offer.


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