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A Chinese Desk Calendar,why take the Red Dot Design Award?

On July 3,2017,the German Red Dot Award Ceremony was held at the Essen Alto Theater.

As a world-class design award winner of the German IF Award and the American IDEA Award,the Red Dot Award has been in existence for more than 50 years and has over 17,000 entries a year,The award-winning products obtained "red dot mark",now has become an internationally recognized high-quality logo.

There are so many famous designs in the past years,but this time they gave one of the dot to the Chinese Desk Calendar.

In the red dot official website introduction,the judges give one-way calendar 2017 award reason is "The desk calendar convinces with its successful combination of classical traditions and modern technologies.Its design apprears tidy and clear."

Actually,one-way calendar does not become popularity overnight.Back in the days before it became a physical market,it was already popular online and received nearly 6,000 readers'comments,The one-way calendar content,often and people's lives fit each other,Some readers said:"There is no one-way calendar,all day is not good." Even for many people, reading it has become a ceremony to welcome a new day.

The design of one-way calendar not only rigorous,elegant and originality.In order to preserve the traditional calendars "Daily Torn" ritual,the product team even went through a special "tear experiment." Finally urged manufacturers to import equipment in Germany to tear the experience to do a satisfactory result.

The one-way calendar, the most attractive place lies in its inner, those immense Master Proverbs. Someone said:Every time you open a new page,you can always feel the startling soul.

One-way calendar 2018 hidden eggs:the start page of the month splicing can be like a dog, and the year of the dog.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 – Designers and manufacturers are now invited to submit their products.Have you arrange well?

SG Prototype is always here to help finish the finial design by prototyping.

Waiting for your cooperation.

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