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New survey: Europeans drink 734 cups of coffee per year. Guess which country has the most coffee dri

Europe's love affair with coffee is far higher than in other regions, with the average per capita consumption of coffee at 734 cups in 2016, according to a coffee survey report released Monday by the Swiss coffee association.

The three countries that have the most coffee per capita are from Europe.

The most popular coffee drinkers are Norwegians, who consumed 1,275 cups per person last year, but the figure is 43 fewer than in 2015.

Germans, known for their love of beer, have seen a surge in coffee consumption, with 1246 cups of coffee consumed last year, up 129 cups from the previous year.

The Swiss, who are self-proclaimed "coffee lovers", finished third with a per capita coffee consumption of 1,093 cups last year.

In this trend, the Germans are expected to surpass the Norwegians next year to become world champions of the coffee world.

How many cups of coffee do Chinese people drink per year?

The answer is: 4 cups.

China has a large population base, and the region is very different. It is also true for coffee. If only a few large cities in the north are counted, the consumption of coffee can reach 20 cups per person per year.

The 20 cups are small, but the growth is also fast, China's coffee market space is still very big!

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