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Prototype Surface Finishing of Dyeing


Dyeing isn't just for fabric anymore, you can stretch its application to plastic and acrylic.

Compare with tradition spray painting-it just coating on the part surface, dyeing colors the plastic deeply. This can guarantees vibrant colors and can makes it possible to avoid the phenomenon of peeling or scratching which can occur with paintwork. What's more, dyeing reaches all surfaces of the part, including the most inaccessible recesses, resulting in a very uniform finish. This attribute is critical, particularly complex parts.

These various advantages make it possible to go from a prototype to finished a reality product in fewer steps and therefore at a reduced cost. So it more and more widely used in rapid prototype processing.

Now let us introduce you the process for acrylic prototype:



Polishing the acrylic parts use the sand paper after CNC machining,If the better polishing effect ,the better dyeing result will be.


After the acrylic prototype dry completely, dye process is as simple as mixing common clothing dye in water ,we just need placed the acrylic parts in warm water with pink dye for 10 to 20 minutes.


3, UV painting

Paint can be applied to help enhance the lifelike characteristics and avoid scratching of acrylic parts.

4 , QC

Check the surface effect and the transmittance.


Click here, to show you same finished prototype.

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