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Prototype Surface Finishing of Pad Printing

What is pad printing?

Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. This is an indirect photo rotogravure process. Depressions are etched into a flat plate. These depressions are filled with ink and a smooth silicone pad (silicone is ink repellent) is used to pick up some ink on the plate and transfers it to the object

Now , Pad printing getting more and more fascinating in industry.Now let SG Prototype share it to you:

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Pad printing process work :

1,Making Plate

2,Etched the pattern in the plate

3,The ink cup flooded with ink

4,Ink cup placed on the plate and goes on the machine

5,The cup and plate secured to the machine

6,Adjustment the machines (the type of printing ,pad depth,speeds etc)

7,Start pad printing

The advantages of pad printing

Pad printing not restricted by the shape of the parts (it can work on Concave, Convex, Curved, Rounded or Rippled).

Higher quality graphics and resolution.

Cost effective for small batch or large runs project.

Pad printer can work on multicoloured pattern with one set-up.

Pad Printing can be used on a variety of different materials including plastic, glass, metal, ceramics, silicone, rubber ,wood etc.

If you have any query or new project, welcome to contact us ,SG prototype can help you.

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