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Low Volume Manufacturing Services

Low volume manufacturing the way to go if you need quantities of finished parts ranging from a few hundred up to hundreds of thousands.It between mass production and sample.Low-volume manufacturing is fairly common in the Medical Device industry, Robotics Industry and Electronics Industry ,for instance, as new concepts are tested in pilot markets or in clinical trials before larger volumes are necessary. Manufacturing processes, design options, and product aesthetics become limited as the costs of tooling and setup become more significant components of the project budget.

Low volume production runs from “SG Proto “allow manufacturers in automotive, medical or healthy care to produce high-quality products at a cheap cost, and thus can deliver products earlier than planned, from prototyping process to manufacturing. Some products success depends on how quickly you can get to market. When time is critical,“SG Proto “ will use CNC Machining ,Vacuum Casting 3D Printing and various technologies can provide fast low volume manufacturing for your product. These technologies including thermoplastic, aluminum and advanced formula polymers that help manufacture real models fast and good. This is the bridge to link rapid tooling and hard molding together.

Why People choice Low Volume Manufacturing?

Higher production volumes don’t necessarily lead to lower overall costs per part. If it’s not viable or necessary for your product to start with a million-piece run, you might just be throwing money away even as you pursue a lower upfront quote.Mass Production will costs a lot of money to make tool steel,material and labor. If vendor knows you just need Low Volume production run,they choice different material to make Metal tool.The price difference between material and manufacturing for tool steel versus aluminum molds is not negligible.

2) Time to Market

By reducing time to market through low-volume manufacturing, your company gets a competitive edge. The organization also gains more market share, earns more revenue.

3) Design Flexibility

Low Volume production is different of Mass Production.After the prototype is created, a small portion of production run comes down the line. If any tweaks need to be made, the company can stop the run and make the changes.

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