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Bending of sheet metal

Bending of sheet metal is a common and vital process in manufacturing industry,most commonly sheet metal.Sheet metal bending is the plastic deformation of the work over an axis, creating a change in the part's geometry. Similar to other metal forming processes, bending changes the shape of the work piece, while the volume of material will remain the same.

Processing :

1,Preparing to Bend Sheet Metal with a Vise

Having the right tools on hand will help this process go smoothly and quickly. To bend your sheet metal with a vise and hammer, you will need ruler,vise ,sheet metal ,marker,protractor,mallet etc.then choose and determine the thickness of the sheet,calculate the bend allowance and mark bend lines , then cut the sheet to size.

2,Bending Your Sheet Metal with a Vise

Place the forms in your vise , the forms will have a edges that should be match with your bending requirement ,then clamp your sheet metal in your vise,if the sheet metal bending distance outside of your form blocks,please support your excess sheet metal to avoid it bounce too wildly and negatively impact your bend and prevent any accidental,all ready you can bend the metal with your tools.

3,Troubleshooting the Bending Process

After bending the sheet need to check the material thickness ,bend angle whether meet with client’s requirement .

More details about it , please click that Sheet Metal Forming Theory.

Now glad show your some sheet metal projects.

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