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24 kinds of materials that widely used for machining and mold processing-Part 1

Metal materials are often used in machining.Let's know more about its properties.

1, # 45 steel - high-quality carbon structural steel, which is the most commonly used carbon tempered steel

Main features: The most commonly used medium-carbon quenched and tempered steel, good comprehensive mechanical properties, low hardenability, easy to crack when water quenched. Small pieces should be tempered, and large pieces should be normalized.

Application examples: Mainly used for manufacturing high-strength moving parts such as turbine impellers and compressor pistons. Shafts, gears, racks, worms, etc. The welding part pays attention to preheating before welding, and eliminates stress annealing after welding.

2, Q235A (A3 steel) - the most commonly used carbon structural steel

Main features: High plasticity, toughness and welding performance, cold stamping performance, and a certain strength, good cold bending performance.

Application examples: Widely used for general requirements of parts and welded structures. Such as levers, connecting rods, pins, shafts, screws, nuts, ferrules, brackets, frames, building structures, bridges, etc.

3, 40Cr - one of the most widely used steel, is a structural steel alloy

Main features: After quenched and tempered, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, low temperature impact toughness, low notch sensitivity, good hardenability, high fatigue strength when oil is cooled, and easy-to-use parts with complex shapes in water cooling. Cracks, cold-bending plasticity, tempering, or quenching and tempering after the cutting process is good, but the weldability is not good, easy to produce cracks, welding should be preheated to 100 ~ 150 °C, generally used in the state of conditioning, you can also Carbonitriding and high-frequency surface hardening.

Application example: After quenching and tempering, it is used to manufacture medium-speed and medium-load parts, such as machine tool gears, shafts, worms, spline shafts, thimble sleeves, etc. After hardening and tempering and high-frequency surface hardening, it is used to manufacture high hardness and resistance of the surface. Grinding parts, such as gears, shafts, spindles, crankshafts, spindles, sleeves, pins, connecting rods, screws and nuts, intake valves, etc., are used for manufacturing heavy-duty, medium-speed impact after quenching and tempering at medium temperature. Parts, such as oil pump rotors, slides, gears, spindles, collars, etc., are quenched and tempered to produce heavy-duty, low-impact, wear-resistant parts, such as worms, spindles, shafts, and collars, etc. Nitride at the post-production of large-scale, low-temperature impact toughness of the transmission parts, such as shafts, gears and so on.

4, HT150 - Gray cast iron

Application examples: gear box, machine bed, box, hydraulic cylinder, pump body, valve body, flywheel, cylinder head, pulley, bearing cap,etc.

5, # 35 Steel - common materials for various standard parts and fasteners

Main features: Appropriate strength, good plasticity, high cold plasticity, and weldability. Local upsetting and drawing under cold conditions. Hardenability is low, use after normalizing or after quenching Application example: Suitable for the manufacture of small-section parts, can withstand large loads of parts: such as crankshaft, lever, connecting rod, shackle, etc.,various standard parts, fasteners.

6, 65Mn - commonly used spring steel

Application examples: Small size various flat, round springs, seat springs, spring springs, spring rings, valve springs, clutch reeds, brake springs, coil springs, snap springs,etc.

7, 0Cr18Ni9 - the most commonly used stainless steel (US Steel 304, Japan Steel SUS304)

Features and Applications: As the most widely used stainless heat-resistant steel, such as food equipment, general chemical equipment, original equipment for industrial use.

8, Cr12 - commonly used cold working die steel (US steel D3, Japanese steel SKD1)

Features and Applications: Cr12 steel is a widely used cold work die steel, which belongs to the type of high-carbon and high-chromium mine-steel. The steel has good hardenability and good wear resistance; due to the high carbon content of Cr12 steel 2.3%, so the impact toughness is poor, easy to embrittlement, and it is easy to form non-uniform eutectic carbides.

Because of its good wear resistance, Cr12 steel is mostly used for making cold punches, punches, blanking dies, cold dies, cold punch dies, punches and dies, and drills that require high impact resistance with low impact load. Sets, Gauges, Drawing Dies, Embossing Dies, Reeling Dies, Drawing Dies, and Cold Stamping Dies for Powder Metallurgy.

For other 16 series,we will share in next part.

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