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How to make Swirl Pattern on Aluminum?


In recent years, many metal product designers want to make the products more aesthetic,more resistant to corrosion,more fashionable and technological elements. So the technologies of metal wire drawing are getting more and more fascinating.

Metal wire drawing is a manufacturing process in which aluminum plate is repeatedly scraped off with sandpaper. The main process divided into three steps:degreasing and wash, sand mill, and cleaning .

Step1.Degreasing and wash the aluminum surface with a soap and sponge. Rinse the aluminum thoroughly with plain water and dry it with paper towels.

Step2.Choose a proper wire brush as you need and attach to the drill. Set the drill to medium speed and lightly tap the brush against the surface of the aluminum.A swirl pattern finished.

Finished.Clean the surface of the aluminum with automotive rubbing compound, then wipe the compound from the aluminum with a clean damp cloth.Aluminum with swirl pattern effect as below:


SG Prototype metal surface drawing process can be made into straight pattern , random pattern , threads , ripple and swirl pattern according to the needs of the decoration.

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