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CNC Machining Kitchenware Rapid Prototype


Today, here you a series of familiar kitchen tools adjusted to blind individuals’ sensory strengths. It’s one of our client design for blind individuals. Each of the 5 tools leverages on natural, sensory feedback and tactile cues so users can prepare food safely with independence, confidence and dignity.

KNIFE prototype made by CNC Machining ABS material with painting. The features a retractable guard that serves as a physical anchor and guides the fingers during the cutting process.


CHOPPING BOARD prototype made by CNC Machining ABS material with painting. The features a side tray that rests freely on the sides of the chopping board’s valley. This acts as an extension of the hand to gather and efficiently transfer ingredients with less spillage.


POT LID and TEASPOON prototype are made by CNC Machining ABS material with painting as well. The former provides a convenient nesting spot for kitchen tools or ingredients. An ergonomic handle and dipped shape also make it easy to transfer food.

The latter features an integrated float that rises as liquids are added into a given vessel. When the float touches the user’s fingers, which are normally situated near the rim of the vessel, it informs the water level and prevents contents from overflowing.


STOVE RING prototype are made by CNC machining Stainless steel material with painting. The metal need take a long time than plastic material. Click here to know more about painting(Prototype Surface Finishing of Spray Painting).It has a terraced profile that allows the user to effectively recognize the burner’s boundaries, eliminating unnecessary probing. It also centralizes and secures cookware in place during the cooking process to prevent topples and spills.



Every time we transmuted the raw materials into finished products make us quite happy. SG Prototype Manufacturer Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing of prototype,contact us to turn your ideas to reality!

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