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What’s the difference between 3D Printing and CNC Machining?

The industry scale of 3D printing is increasing rapidly no matter in China or in the world. As a manufacturing technology, 3D printing is naturally compared with the traditional process CNC machining. So what's the difference?

1. Operational Principle

3D printing successive layers of material are formed to create the object during these processes which are controlled by computer. CNC machining is based on the cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, casting and forging. The principle is that the CNC machine tool engraves the gong on the top of the raw material, according to a certain path according to the command of the program, and the prototype of the release plate.


2. Process characteristics

3D printing can process all kinds of complex curved surfaces and special-shaped structures, part into whole module without any fixture. CNC machining are limited to process the complex structure with one block, it’s need to split pieces to machined or step and repeat machine.