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How to make medical equipment prototype?


Medical equipment refers to instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other items used alone or in combination with the human body, as well as the required software. Medical equipment is the most basic element of medical, scientific research, teaching, institutional, and clinical disciplines, including professional medical equipment, home medical equipment.

Following is a case study about how to make medical equipment in rapid prototyping.

1. Prototype Material Preparation: Because of the reasonable price and competitive properties, ABS with natural color is popular with customers.


2. Prototype Machining: After programming well through the medical equipment 3d drawings(STP, IGS, X-T, etc are workable) that provided by client, we will start cnc processing to get the prototype shape. Even for small batch prototyping, lower cost with vacuum casting method. But cnc machining is benefit for the tolerance and product quality. And parts are not small, it may out off shape after silicone mold.




3. Prototype Polish Treatment: By using abrasive papers, our experience workers are polishing the prototype to make the surface smooth. This step is essential for next tasks. Before and after smooth well, all parts will also be fitted well to ensure the tolerance by our QC team.



4. Prototype Painting: Color can be customized with Pantone card. And silk-screen is also applied here for customer’s company logo.




5. Prototype Assembly: This is the finial step for this project. When painting, jet oil may block some positions, such as holes, groove. Again, assemble has to be done by our QC team to make sure there is no interference for the whole product.



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