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EPS Foam of Rapid Prototype

EPS foam board - also known as polystyrene foam board, EPS board is a white object which is heated and formed in a mold by heating expandable polystyrene beads containing a volatile liquid foaming agent. Structural features of microscopic closed cells. Mainly used for building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ship insulation, floor heating, decoration and carving, etc. Mainly used in the packaging industry and construction industry.



Light weight, shockproof, anti-drop, heat insulation, sound absorption, heat preservation, self-extinguishing, environmental protection, anti-aging, low cost, easy construction.


1, Combustible, after burning produces poisonous gas

2, Material strength is poor, easy to produce cracking phenomenon

3, Low strength and poor bearing capacity.



EPS rapid prototype case picture:


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