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Prototype Material of POM


What is POM?

Polyoxymethylene is an engineering thermoplastic, which a linear polymer with no side chains, high density and high crystallinity. According to the chemical structure in the molecular chain.It is an engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. Has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially with excellent friction resistance. Commonly known as acetal resin, POM plastic, Delrin, etc. It is mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts machine tools, and jig, etc.


Characters of POM

1. High mechanical strength and rigidity; 2. Density of 1.410–1.420 g/cm3. 3. Good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance; 4. Strong resistance to repeated impact; 5. Wide range of operating temperatures (-40 ° C ~ 120 ° C) 6. Poor heat stability 7. Not good at painting & adhesive

Application on CNC Machined Manufacturer/Prototyping

POM has been widely used in electronic electrical, mechanical, instrument, daily light industry, automobile, building materials and so on. In many new areas, such as medical equipment and sports devices, POM has also shown better growth. It may machined as turning, milling, drilling etc.

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