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SLS Printing Material contrast of PA12 /PA2200 /FS3300PA

SLS is used for both prototyping and small-batch production of functional plastic parts with good mechanical properties. SLS uses the intense heat of a laser to join and harden fine, powered material, such as plastic, glass or metal. This article introduced PA12 /PA2200 /FS3300PA

Material and contrast the performance.



Color: Black

Printing equipment:Black


1.The color id black, concave and convex texture are obvious.

2. More high quality density with products


Material :PA2200

Color: White

Printing equipment: EOS P396


1. The color is white, straight and angular after printed.

2. Concave and convex texture not obvious, the powder will be come off in some position.

3. The surface finishing is more hard than Hewlett-Packard equipment printed parts.


Material : FS3300PA

Color: White(yellowish)

Printing equipment: EOS P396


1. The performance are almost the same with PA2200, local price with high price ratio.

2. The marked difference is the color are yellowish.


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