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CNC Lathe in Customized Machining Industry

CNC lathe part is mean a product produced by turning a lathe. Lathe parts can be based on the type of lathe, divided into many kinds, the most common are automatic lathe parts, CNC lathe parts, such as instrument lathe parts. Lathe the use of hardware materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, such as ABS, PC, PMMA, PA and other plastic parts are also applicable.


CNC Lathe Process

1. Turn on the power, start the machine switch, according to the normal speed idling 3-5 minutes;

2. Clamping workpiece, in the workpiece clamping lathe must be in neutral state;

3. Make sure the workpiece is clamped, change the lathe from neutral to normal gear, start the lathe processing;

4. When the Lathe is finished, turn off the lathe, and when the lathe is completely stopped, shift the gear to neutral position, then take the workpiece;

5. After the completion of the vehicle equipment, site cleaning.


CNC Lathe Process Points to note:

1, Operation of machine tools by non-staff is strictly prohibited.

2, Never touch a cutting tool, a rotating part of a machine tool, or a rotating part during operation.

3, Do not use emergency stop, in case of emergency use of the button after stopping, should press the machine before starting, re-check.

4, Not Allowed to pedal the lathe guide rail surface, the screw, the polished rod and so on, in addition to the stipulation outside does not permit to use the foot to replace the hand operation handle.

5, The inner wall with sand hole, shrinkage or a keyway parts, not allowed to scrape the inner hole triangle.

6. After pneumatic chuck of the Compressed air or liquid pressure must reach the specified value before use.

7, Turning slender workpiece, in front of the bed on both sides of the length of more than 4 times the diameter, should be used in accordance with the process requirements of the top. Center support or heel support. Protective Devices and warning signs should be added when protruding from the back of the headboard.

8, Cutting brittle metal or cutting easily spatter (including grinding) , should be protected baffle, the operator to wear protective glasses.



CNC Lathe parts widely used, involving electronic and electrical appliances, hardware tools, toys, plastics and other industries. Relative to other solid parts, its main feature is precision, tolerance up to plus or minus 0.01 mm, or even more accurate. Of course, the price is also relatively higher than other solid parts.




Automatic Lathe is a part processed by automatic lathe. The maximum diameter and the maximum length are 20 mm and 90 mm respectively. Due to the small size and high speed of the parts, the price is relatively low and the machining accuracy is high Tolerance can be controlled within plus or minus 0.01 mm.

CNC Lathe parts are CNC lathe machining parts, the maximum machining diameter up to 60mm, the maximum length of 300 mm, machining parts, complex shape, high accuracy, several times cutting, tolerance can reach plus or minus 0.002 mm For the processing of stainless steel products have more advantages, due to expensive machines, processing efficiency is low, so relatively high processing costs.


CNC Lathe parts than other hardware parts of high processing costs, because the turning of the processing technology, high accuracy, low speed, low output. A large part of the lathe after machining, the need for secondary processing to meet the functional requirements, such as: Milling slots, drilling, milling, chamfering, and so on.

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