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Prototype Painting of Texture/Glossy/Matt surface finishing

SG Prototype provides assembly and modeling services that further enhance your design appearance and help you implement specific textures and colors of surface finishing. Our modeling services are often used for marketing photo shooting, tradeshows, internal presentations, etc.


For the prototype painting, there are three main types: Texture; Glossy; Matt surface to meet different condition equipped.

1. Texture

The key attributes to consider when approaching model finishing are color, texture, art and assembly. The most common texture selection method is to call mold technology texture. Paint texture approximates to a specific Mold-Tech texture and by controlling paint vaporization as it is applied to the model.For prototype texture are not pretty accurate as mold product,but we could painting 80% match with it.The process are strictly for coarse and fine textures,for the other complex texture need to in other ways.



2. Glossy

The process of glossy surface are “UV painting”, it’s Ultraviolet (UV), UV Protection of the surface of prototype. UV paint namely UV curable paint, also known as photoinitiated coatings. UV Bloom protects the surface with a smooth, transparent coating. Spray a transparent oil on the surface of the sample and dry it with UV light to make the product brighter and less scratchy. Due to their special working conditions, the material surface has high expectations for coating pretreatment.


3. Matt

The most common surface treatment are matt surface.To make the prototype has a good appearance. We’ll fill any cracks in the surface, and rub down well with sandpaper before paint the prototype. And must prime the wood before the colorful paint.For the color,provide the appropriate PANTONE number is necessary .



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