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Does 3D printing can be print transparent models?

3D printing is now a model that can't just print out a fully transparent model, it’s a semi-transparent model after printed, and why is that? Because of the forming principle of 3D printing, the surface of the printed model is rough, which is just like the glass material itself is transparent, while the rough-surfaced frosted glass is only translucent. That is to say, the smooth surface of the glass is transparent, while the rough surface of the glass is only translucent. But how to get a transparent model? There are two two steps required to create a fully transparent model.

sla transparent parts

Step 1: get the translucent model through 3D printing;

Step 2: polish the printed translucent model so that its surface becomes smooth and fully transparent.

After two steps, the transparent effect is better if one more layer of light oil is sprayed.

The second step above is the process that requires manual processing to use sandpaper of different thickness, from coarse to subdivided to polish and polish the model in multiple steps.

If you want to make a transparent model, there are actually two options:

First, if your model structure is relatively simple, you can directly use 3D printing to make a translucent model, and then get the transparent model through manual polishing.

Second, if your model structure is more complex, we’d like to suggest you use the method of machining CNC machining to produce.What’s the difference between 3D Printing and CNC Machining?

In respect of material selection, we would suggest that you choose Acrylic (PMMA) materials, it is relative to the PC slightly crispy, but its pervious to light performance is far better than that of PC material.Plastic Materials for Customized Machining Parts

The PC material is hard, even if we're late to the model of PC material grinding will be more troublesome. Vapor Polishing Treatment in Prototyping

According to our past experience, if you want to make the model more transparent, you should choose acrylic material instead of PC material. Although in the process of mass production, both PC and acrylic can produce transparent effects, acrylic materials have the advantages of better light transmittance and convenient for later polishing. So we will suggest customers to use acrylic materials to make models with high transparency requirements.Which is better? CNC or 3D Printing?

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