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A rose that never dies made by SG Prototype manufacturer

This is a very romantic story. One of our clients, Joshua, who is a CAD designer. He always wanted to give his wife a special birthday present. Because his wife loves roses, then it occurred to him that he could design a rose by himself that would never die for his wife. After the 3d drawing of this rose came out, Joshua find us to help him to make it into reality.

When SG Prototype engineer know Joshua's intention, they all expressed a strong interest in helping him finish this rapid prototype project. Our engineer suggest to use ABS plastic material to machining, it has very competitive performance, material cost is low, easy to polishing, and the effect of painting is very good. Because of the structural design of the rose, it's hard to CNC machine in an whole part, but has to dismantle the parts and then glue them together.

According to Joshua's experience, he knew it didn't affect the appearance of the product. After all the details are communicated, the product begins to be processed.

In a short time, parts are finished cnc machining. After checked by our machining engineer for the quality, our hand worker start smoothing the surface treatment by using sandpaper.

When the surface treatment is finished with red oil painting, Joshua is very satisfied with his present. And he said when he is receiving the part, he will add more decoration to those flowers.

Some time later, Joshua told SG Prototype that his wife liked the gift very much and expressed his thanks to our worker. If there is a chance, he will continue to cooperate with us. If you have some good ideas also, come to SG Prototype Manufacturer, we all like to challenge different designs.


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