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Auto car rapid prototype made with aluminum by cnc machining

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for cars is more and more extensive. Research and development of new cars has also been ongoing, also rapid prototyping industry is developing with new design auto parts.

Some times ago, we received an order from customer to make new automobile part. The size of the product is a little big. Before production, our tooling engineers gave a detailed account of the CNC machining, program the best processing path. In case of scrapping of prototype during processing, which will waste a lot of materials. This car auto part is made of Al-6061 aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in the rapid prototyping industry. Both the performance of products, strong, lightweight, and the price of materials are very competitive.

After CNC milling is finished, the hand work has to be done. It determines the surface treatment effect of subsequent part. Especially if oxidation is needed, an experienced hand worker, in deburring, smooth, sand blasting processing, who plays an very important role for the car part quality. SG Prototype Manufacturer have over 10 hand workers, who has been in rapid prototyping industry for more than 6 years. It’s our advantages. And for the details of the processing, it’s will be in very good control.

SG Prototype will still going on for the details control for client's project. Send us your CAD files, our team will provide you the most professional service.


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