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Characteristics and Application of Organosilicone Silicone Rubber

Organosilicone rubber is a special synthetic elastomer made of linear polysiloxane mixed with reinforcement filler and vulcanized under the condition of heating and pressure.It perfectly balances mechanical and chemical properties, thus meeting the requirements of many of today's demanding applications.

Silicone rubber performs well in the following areas:


1.High and low temperature stability

2.Inert (tasteless and odorless)

3.Transparent and easy to color

4.Wide hardness range, 10-80 Shor hardness

5.Resistant to chemicals used in

6.Good sealing performance

7.The electrical properties

8.Compressive deformation resistance

In addition to the above excellent performance, compared with conventional organic elastomers, silicone rubber miscellaneous is also particularly easy to manufacture.Silicone rubber flows easily and can be moulded, rolled and extruded at low energy consumption.Being easy to process means being more productive.

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