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Low volume of cnc milling aluminum mobile phone shell rapid prototypes

With the development of science and technology, our daily mobile phone updates are iterating faster and faster. SG Prototype once got an prototyping order from old customer for their new design, which is a mobile phone shell with small batch.

After receiving the customer's 2D and 3D drawings, our project manager evaluated them according to the actual situation, including the material, processing details, tolerance, surface effect. At the beginning client wanted it in stainless steel, but considering the cost of stainless steel, and the processing time will be longer, SG Prototype manager suggest to use aluminum to instead. The customer accepted. Then cnc machining was stared.

Because it is low volume production, the number of phone shell prototype pieces will be more. And client needed it in a short delivery time. We all know that in the electronic industry, such as mobile phones, who produces products first will occupy the market. On the one hand, we are processing overnight, on the other hand, we test and polish the processed products first.

SG Prototype good at flexible scheduling production process according to the actual situation. Finally we have finished our customers’products on schedule. After the quality inspection of these mobile phone case rapid prototypes, it was confirmed that there is no problem by our QC team, including tolerance and surface treatment required, the thread needed, then our manager sent the final product pictures to customer.

In order not to cause the products to be hit on the way to international transportation, our staff packed carefully and wrapped many layers of foam. And because the product has a little weight, if cartons are used, they may be damaged in transit. We suggest packing in wooden cases, even if the transportation cost will be higher.

After receiving this batch of mobile phone shell products, the customer reported to us that they were very satisfied. And because of our fast delivery time, customers' products can quickly enter the market, and won a large number of consumers. Contact us now, we will let your design to get the market.


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