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Fast Prototyping of Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting (Silicon Molding) is widely process used in rapid prototype making.And it’s one of the best way for low volume manufacturing of plastic and rubber parts. Using silicon mould instead of steel mould, the cost will be reduced. Usually one silicone mold can cast about 10 to 20 pieces of parts, depending on complexity, painting or original color, size and other factors of different parts. This process way is suitable for low volume production.


The process starting from a model obtained through CNC machining or SLA or SLS or others(or the model provide by clients), and placing a two piece silicone mold in a vacuum chamber.


The raw material is mixed and degassed and then poured into the mold. The vacuum is then released and the mold removed from the chamber.

Finally, the casting is curedin an oven and the mold removed to release the completed casting. The silicone mold can be reused.Here are the more details of process(Prototyping Method-Vacuum Casting)



Vacuum Casting are commercially available to reproduce any conceivable hardness and colour.It’s also make completely opaque, translucent, or fully transparent parts based on your application.The material and function are different from CNC Machining.Click here to know more details. (What’s the difference between CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting?)

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